Friday, 13 September 2013

Womanhood | the challenge of being a woman

SONG I listen while I write... 'Jo només puc fer el que faig', Pau Vallvé. much strength do we keep inside? how much of it keeps us going ahead, and how many times it brings us down to the edge?

Women. Such a complex nature, a living creature. As one of them, I can't reach the boundaries of its' complexity.

So many souls, connecting and disconnecting with their own body, feeling all kind of emotions, so intense, that they can even make the body transform itself.

Why are we sure we can't when we can? why do we want but we can't? how much it costs to keep on trying without surrender?

Life is the present moment. The present skin you are wrapped in. The bones that hold you up every day. Girls, ladies, mothers, or willing mothers. And all held up with a beating heart.

Womenhood. Is an eternal youth living soul, inside a body that draws every single feeling. Overwhelming life moments make our skin shrivel, our hair grow white and strong, our balance get lost with our breathing... life is not easy, so, we must, MUST be brave enough to get through all those fears and  look for, find that other side of life that consists, not in surviving, but in fact, consists in living, in feeling alive, with all we've got.

Our dreams are held in our 20s, and that's a big truth. Since then, we will live forever young. Our age stopped growing there, though our body is teaching us, reminding us, that we will no be here forever, so make sure, you do all in your hands to make your wills come true.

Breathe through the small wholes that let the light in. Let go as much as you can. Trust in what you have been given, and eventually, living yourself, loving your nature will turn up into a healing living creature.
Sometimes we have to face our disadvantages. Our imperfections, our body is full of skars, just as our souls, and that's the hard part. Heal them until they are almost visible, but they will always be there. They will remind us how much we fought, how many mistakes we did, and the ones that will come. 
We are human, we are all but perfection. 

sometimes we are a storm,
pouring tears from the most deep inside
willing the best for all those women that are trying, that are listening to what their soul, their body and spirit is trying to tell them. Sometimes is not easy to understand its' language, but we are trying.

I'm trying.

good night from this small part of the world.

SONG. 'Cargol', Pau Vallvé

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