Monday, 26 August 2013

bits&pieces of August | part III | summer mornings

I wanted to share one only post about mornings in this house, because I just love to wake up there and pick up the camera or the phone and take some pictures of the glorious light that comes in at that time... 
Is the one thing I miss at home, waking up with the heat leaning next to you, or all over your skin, is maybe one of the bigger pleasures I love... I must sleep with opened windows so the sun can reach my room and come inside...
so here there are some of these moments...
* we sleep with the mattress on the floor, cause the bed's structure is too old and we just can't sleep on top of it, so we put our bed under the window on the ground, and I must say, I love it!

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

bits&pieces of August | part II

the ancient jungle

these times had been truly intense for myself... but I'll try to stick to the good and vibrating things of this month, there had been lots of them, so I will try to be as grateful as I can, while everything tries to settle, and I manage to embrace and let go all these energies that sometimes I fear.

So here they come, some common images about this magic home, waking up under some sun flares, silent breakfasts while little birds and cigales start to bring the sound of Summer into the day. Yummy handmade food, as tomato sauce, peppers, cakes, marmalades, fresh eggs... true colors in blue, turquoise, greens and reds. The sun, the moon and the stars, they've been huge in their gorgeousness.

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Friday, 16 August 2013

bits&pieces of August | part I

One year later, and Summer is back again, and we visit the mountains once more... they look just as stunning as I always remember...

I am pretty emotional lately... kind of all just under the skin, but still, beautiful moments all over the day... here some bits&pieces of August, part I. 

We found this beautiful book named "Wonder", so especial, full of tenderness and love, can't help to share some tears every time we read it! I highly recommend it!!!

Slept in my unties antique shits, they are probably 40 years old, and I just love them!

Cups full of milk from when I was little, berry marmalade from the garden and brioche made by mum... 
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