Friday, 27 December 2013

bits&pieces of Christmas time

Before Christmas days, we did a quick visit to the mountains and also visited my mum. Days have become so short, and we have really small moments of sun! We turned on the fireplace, because the house was really freezing, but we enjoyed hiking around the forest, cuddles on cozy small rooms warmed up with old stoves, new first nights of Boira at my magical house and wrapping some gifts for Christmas Eve... It's been nice but too short. Here are some bits&pieces of our small visit to mother nature...
Our old plum tree is so special... he gave me hope discovering how despite the cold weather, the wind and thunder of these days, it's surprising us with small lovely flowers, full of delicate and simple beauty... nature is full of wisdom

I wish you the best for this new year to come... lets keep faith, hope and love within our hearts...!

thank you really much for staying close those who come and visit! I feel very grateful! <3

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

the universe, our universe

let the sun warm your skin. let nature work through you, through your soul... the universe is being a bit hard on us lately, but, we have to stay strong, nothing you must worry about, just life, plays it's game, so we must really appreciate what we have, what we live, what we've created, and the rest, will come, someday...

We needed to go out of town, of home, of routine, we just went for a day, but we could have been out for months... sadly, tomorrow is Monday again, and routine will start again... but I'm lucky enough!!!

We thank our little buddies that make us smile and laugh when we need to so much!

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Monday, 2 December 2013

secret nook

empty quiet places, places where once they were called home...
naked wet, foggy forests, filled with memories
secret places to dream of
time passing by

(* my uncles built this little magic place from a henhouse built next to my grandparents countryhouse. they spent here the Summers around the 70s and 80s)
I'm so in love with this place... so empty and so full at the same time

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


This is our new baby girl named Bruna, but we changed her name to Boira. (a catalan name for fog) she's almost five months old, and she's a an adorable clever babygirl.

* (this is a really doggy post, sorry for so many puppy photos... I just didn't want to miss any details of her arriving...)

She was rescued with a month aged from a container... she was brought to an animal shelter whom they take care of lots, and lots of abandoned animals... it's so sad...they do such an amazing job over there.  Because she was only a baby, she was lucky enough to find a wonderful host family. They've been taking care of her giving her lots of love and caring, but they already have two more dogs, so time to come back to the shelter was arriving... I saw a picture of her on Facebook, and we decided to take Cheers to meet her, and see how they could get on... surprisingly, we walked all together for a while, and all went pretty well! (Cheers has fear problems, though he's the best at home, cars, kids, trains, water, all scares him lots, and he turns out a bit defensive some times).

Today is our fourth day with Boira at home, as Cheer's sister. She's so clever, so brave, so loving and happy. She makes us laugh and care so much... Cheer's is having a hard time now, but we think they'll be the best brother and sister! they're really trying, and Boira is a wonderful girl, she's been really loved at her previous home, we're so thankful for that!
It has been a rough decision. We feel the need of giving, of sharing love, and we found the way. It's not easy, Cheers is having a rough time and we love him to the moon and back, so it's hard to watch him making efforts and accepting the new situation, but she's helping him so much.

I take this post as an opportunity to please, if you want to have a small puppy, a dog or cat to love and care, visit your nearest animal shelter, is full of beautiful and suffering creatures waiting for you to look after! and it's SO grateful for them to have a family where they can be loved and happy.

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