Tuesday, 30 April 2013

spring's arrival

 *our roots*

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

rain and pancakes

Rainy days in Spring
so much time spending it at home, while the rain pours down...
a rainy cold week comes ahead, today, pancakes and strawberries 

wish you a nice week!

still missing my camera photos, hope to come back to her soon!

Friday, 26 April 2013

a week...

This week was about a little kid I've seen grow up since he was 1 year old. Yesterday, he was turning 9! He's such a young man now... it was lovely to make him a little surprise with this magical book! 
I strongly recommend you the small film! 
click to watch!
Such a rainny day... has been those type of weeks... you could oversleep a couple of days of... I really got so wet... felt the cold rain all over and inside me... 
somebody told me yesterday, my eggshell was breaking...


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

first beach

on the sand and feeling the sun

 can't describe the feeling... the freedom I feel just laying on the sand, under the healing sun... as if the blue of the sky, the sound of the sea, and my almost naked skin, just melted under that warmth... I can't wait to take my first swim!

Love finding these wee little treasures in the sand...

sun heals my soul sometimes...

spring growing

springtime weekends

our backyard's starting its' silent explosion... little by little, really slowly, very early in the mornings, just when the sun starts to show up over the sea, you can hear the garden growing, waking up, opening its sleepy leafs, small coiled flowers becoming the most perfect beauty... It's all so quiet, it moves so slowly... you must pay attention to every move they make... it's just amazing... spring it's waking up...

* hope to have images about this becoming in my backyard...

So, went to fetch some flowers and vegetables to grow in the garden...

(sorry for the low quality of the images, hope to shoot with my camera for the blog! using to much iphone lately...)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

some bizarre thoughts

listening at Helios - carry with us
Life is just there, outside, I can see it through the window... but I can also feel it inside me... as if it trapped me inside my own jungle, the backyard, is here, inside me.
It's beating.

if I could only understand my lonely mind... but I just get lost between blurry images, beneath the storm of my brain, the bump of my heart gets deeper and harder, gets stronger and faster, and then, I just can't stop the waves.
I really don't know why am I writing this just now, I just felt the impulse, and here I found myself, writing in my awful english, trying to  make my ideas, become words written in a foreign language for  me...

we, are so connected. Soul and body, heart and mind. One thought bumps your heart. One bump stops your breath, one breath makes you bring a thought back. We are simply, connected.

We must be dreamers, so we can look after our heart, our bones, our lungs, our eyes, ... and we must love, as much as we can.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Cadaqués | part two

 Saturday's deep blue and green sea

 the sea... I can understand how Dalí was so in love with this small piece of land... so inspiring, so many secret places where you can reach the water... where is so calmed and so crystal that you can feel every stone under your feet...

Huge cliffs protect the small town, with a light house, that brings light to boats... it's all a kind of poetical summer adventures, to imagine and dream.

  couldn't stop watching the small snails moving and dancing with the water...


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cadaqués | part one

Saturday's sea day

two hours away from home, we travelled to such a lovely village, where Dalí used to live with Gala, called Cadaqués... the beach is made of stones, black ones, green ones, full of life inside... greens, blues and crystal, surrounded by white small houses with blue and green windows... just bright and shiny!

Summer is arriving, little by little...

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