Tuesday, 16 April 2013

some bizarre thoughts

listening at Helios - carry with us
Life is just there, outside, I can see it through the window... but I can also feel it inside me... as if it trapped me inside my own jungle, the backyard, is here, inside me.
It's beating.

if I could only understand my lonely mind... but I just get lost between blurry images, beneath the storm of my brain, the bump of my heart gets deeper and harder, gets stronger and faster, and then, I just can't stop the waves.
I really don't know why am I writing this just now, I just felt the impulse, and here I found myself, writing in my awful english, trying to  make my ideas, become words written in a foreign language for  me...

we, are so connected. Soul and body, heart and mind. One thought bumps your heart. One bump stops your breath, one breath makes you bring a thought back. We are simply, connected.

We must be dreamers, so we can look after our heart, our bones, our lungs, our eyes, ... and we must love, as much as we can.

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