Sunday, 26 January 2014

that Saturday

I guess life doesn't stop teaching us things... putting us through rough stories, trying to get us to see what is invisible to our sight, sometimes. It's quite easy for me to surrender on the first fall, but I guess we can find beauty within the fall, in pain, we can let us sink down, touch our deepest thoughts and feelings, and letting go tears that will heal and dry with the morning sun... I'm trying to figure out what life is trying to teach me right now, for a start, I'm learning and reading, 

I want to learn how to live, and stop surviving.
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

bits&pieces of light

I've slipped a wonderful post I must update, but I'm still with the emotions all over me, so, since I haven't had the time for taking just a brief moment for capturing light for some while ago , and for feeling it on my skin and bones, I decided this morning to jump into the few light that was entering the window. Also, I haven't taken a moment for my little ones neither... unfortunately, when I want to photograph them, Boira comes quickly and Cheers goes away before I can capture a moment of himself... I must try harder, he's my little boy.

So this morning, though it wasn't the best of my mornings, and the day has also been a long and rough one, I took a minute or two... just what the time the sun managed to come inside... winter is so dark at home... so though I was feeling under the weather I took some nonsense pictures, but grateful in some hidden strange way... I guess after my first exhibition, and all the emotions that it carried with it, now, I'm way too perceptive and fragile with feelings...

Exhibit post, comming soon...

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