Sunday, 8 December 2013

the universe, our universe

let the sun warm your skin. let nature work through you, through your soul... the universe is being a bit hard on us lately, but, we have to stay strong, nothing you must worry about, just life, plays it's game, so we must really appreciate what we have, what we live, what we've created, and the rest, will come, someday...

We needed to go out of town, of home, of routine, we just went for a day, but we could have been out for months... sadly, tomorrow is Monday again, and routine will start again... but I'm lucky enough!!!

We thank our little buddies that make us smile and laugh when we need to so much!

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  1. unes fotos precioses!
    i aquesta casa, quina passada...
    si pogués jo també viuría en una casa així, envoltada de natura i aprofitant cada raig de sol! :)
    un petonet

    1. moltíssimes gràcies guapa! <3 ai sí! qui pogués fugir una miqueta! :)

      petonets i moltes gràcies pels teus comments!!!