Friday, 27 December 2013

bits&pieces of Christmas time

Before Christmas days, we did a quick visit to the mountains and also visited my mum. Days have become so short, and we have really small moments of sun! We turned on the fireplace, because the house was really freezing, but we enjoyed hiking around the forest, cuddles on cozy small rooms warmed up with old stoves, new first nights of Boira at my magical house and wrapping some gifts for Christmas Eve... It's been nice but too short. Here are some bits&pieces of our small visit to mother nature...
Our old plum tree is so special... he gave me hope discovering how despite the cold weather, the wind and thunder of these days, it's surprising us with small lovely flowers, full of delicate and simple beauty... nature is full of wisdom

I wish you the best for this new year to come... lets keep faith, hope and love within our hearts...!

thank you really much for staying close those who come and visit! I feel very grateful! <3

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