Monday, 9 April 2012

Grey Monday.

I don't really know, who's gonna read these words, or see these images, I just like writting some nonesense and "publishing" some of the things I enjoy doing, as taking some pictures... nothing special, nothing really interesting, or creative, just, what I feel, what calls my attention, just shooting the things I like, so, I've found this place, as a small space, where probably anyone may notice, but if anybody stops by, who knows..!

I will stop my chat here, and I will upload some stuff I took the weekend from that special house... inside cupobards, small details of an old life... a wonderful lamp my grandparents got in their dresser, where my grandfather used to listen to a small radio and smoke his first morning ciggar... the dishes my grandma kept inside the cupboards for special dinners, inside her kitchen, her favourite cup for coffee..., all the rest of cups, for all the different members of the family who joined these special breackfasts... all of this, is part of my memories I wont ever forget...

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