Friday, 28 February 2014

wood bones, sea soul

nature became beauty, beauty became human and human became organic, wild and free.

ancient trees, fallen and beaten branches, white skies, blue huge sea skyline, flowers sprout from the freezing winter, merged with human vibrations.

these are some of the photographs I took from beautiful Aida. Gorgeous girl, bright and full of energy and love. Nature came tender and splendid, so we became a part of it.

this girl made me really happy, an exciting adventure for both! I'm really grateful!

follow your dreams, enjoy the way, let go and let the heart beat as hard as possible for joy..!

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*model: Aida de Sàrraga
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

a small story of a dream

If I close my eyes... I can tell a story
with these images... but I may have to tell it in my home language...
you may translate it with googletranslator

se me escurren los sueños cuando despierto, por ello me gusta, soñar despierta.
amanecer tras el cristal de ramas verdes, que descansan sus húmedas hojas sobre las empañadas y agrietadas ventanas. 

suspiros de árboles que me rodean bajo los que alas de lechuzas se cobijan para descansar después de vigilar la noche.

la luz danza divertida en las paredes, juega con el bosque, sonríe a la mañana.

despertamos en lo alto de la madera, rodeada de viejas líneas de antiguas civilizaciones, que de noche se agolpan con historias bajo la bombilla. 

es un diminuto rincón del mundo, uno silencioso, escondido y casi secreto, en el que rebosan las salvajes naturalezas, entrelazándose entre sí, acogiéndonos en su anciano mundo.

tras largos paseos, tardes de mantas, y mantas, libros y cuentos, fantasías y fotos, heladas noches llegan entre cenas calientes, y un espeso silencio. 

Alargo el brazo para apagar la bombilla, y al cerrar los ojos bajo varias capas de aromas, de gruesas y antiguas colchas, puedo sentir el batir de alas de los búhos y las lechuzas blancas rozar las tejas y las ramas que nos cobijan...

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

boy's special bday

Yesterday 8th February, was this boy's 7th birthday.

We can still remember the first night he spent with us, it was our own first night in a flat we were starting to rent in Barcelona, just that night, seven years ago, a very special night. With just a bag full of toothbrushes, underwears and some t-shirts and trousers, with a milk cartoon in the fridge and just the mattress on the floor, we took small two month old Cheers home with us.

Many things have happened. We don't longer live in that flat, we've moved to a small village just by the beach. And recently, we've adopted a sister for Cheers. We've all been through a lot, but here we are, celebrating this boy's birthday, and how happy he has made us, all through these seven years now. We love him to the moon and back! Our bday present was a trip to the mountains! To my special magical home! we really had a nice time spending some time around the ancients.
*and a happy selfie, due I don't take almost similing ones,  I thought it was worth it to have one!

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