Wednesday, 18 February 2015


La Grande Roma.

This trip has joined three different people who share the same passion: photography. Different souls that have never ever met before in flesh. We found ourselves dancing in Rome, in the astonishing, gigantic and huge Rome. We wanted to flow with its' beauty... we ran trying to catch those elusive last beams and flares over Tévere...!  We also got our feet bare of shoes in the city of Vaticano, while dozens of people wondered what were those crazy girls doing! It has been such an intense experience. It's been so long since I've travelled, and I've never travelled with 'strangers', though they have now become special souls for me.

Oh Roma..! La grandissima Belleza! thank you for these amazing three nights under your stars, surrounded by your history and embraced by your fountains, birds and language... I'm sure we'll be back to Italy...

and we danced, and danced...
happy me by Cristina Prat
ci vediamo Italia...

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  1. bonito reportaje, estupendas fotos, cariñosos lugares de esta maravillosa ciudad... me encanta que quieras volver!!!

  2. que bonitas fotos, bonito lugar, que dulces bailarinas,..... que suavidad,..... una preciosidad