Thursday, 31 October 2013

bits&pieces | inside Fall

Autumn colors on the table
becoming less afraid of showing my face and trying face selfies... changes I guess...
Beautiful surprises in the mailbox from Russia, one of her illustrations is inspired in one of my photographs, illustrated by the wonderful and creative Sasha Arutyunova, she's really talented!
a very special and exciting collaboration with an unique project called  Llenya Prima and the very talented artist Petit . My photographs for an album made by singers, musicians, illustrators and poets! 
Take a look and save some minutes to listen!

the sun's heat is changing, I'm looking for it every minute... 

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  1. All of your pics are totally inspirations to me <33

  2. Love your attrezzo's!! IS that right? Always such a beautiful collection of photos that are put together so perfectly, Like an unfolding story! xxxx

    1. Lovely!!! so many comments today!!! you're SO sweet!!!! LOOOOTS of LOVE!!!!