Tuesday, 22 October 2013

these days | iphone diary

these days are being a little crazy in my life, thing that causes me more mental peace... me focusing in so many things leaves me a space for not looking at my inside so much, also a thing I was really needing to happen right now... so while time slips through my fingers, I get to have the chance to appreciate the small place where I live... I'm not liking to go to the city these days... I miss the peace, the time slowing down, the light I have where I live... the chance to see so much sky, so many horizons, the intensity of the colors around me, though I miss following the trees' changes...

and the garden keeps bringing us treasures...

Will I manage to live the life I've dreamed..? we are the only responsible for these things to happen aren't we..? maybe someday I reach that point so close to them... I wonder if I will manage to do it so good, so right to reach them... but as I always say, I'm trying, and I'm trying my best... hope I'm in the way.

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  1. Try always to do the best you can in each moment, no more, no less... I thing we're in the right way...❤️