Monday, 11 November 2013

a feeling

they say, that the brave ones, are the ones who face their fears, as small as they can be. Those are the brave ones, not the ones that make huge successes without a strong effort, but the ones who make that small and appearing to be insignificant steps, that mean a world to them.

these mute colors are the way I feel lately... running out of energy, my body just moves because it has to, and now, it has reached my inside too. My ideas are falling, no creative images are coming out from me... We'll keep on fighting to get energy and light back.

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  1. Friend! I so share your feelings! This year has been tough... and draining of all energy & creativity. Although you feel like you are not creating the way you want to... you need to know that you are still inspiring others! Your photos fill me with light, always!

  2. Your words, my beutiful friend have really moved me, you can't imagine, they mean a world to me. Thank you so very much. I know this year is being really hard for you and I really wish you the best with all my love. Thank you once again for being such a wonderful friend. Lots of love my friend xxxxx <3