Thursday, 14 November 2013

negra sombra from Galicia

negra sombra by Luz Casal and Carlos Nuñez | from movie Mar Adentro (I strongly recommend)

this morning, I was listening to the radio, where galician spoke about the most horrifying nightmare they went through some years ago.... the worst natural disaster in the country... A boat spilled 50,000 tonnes of oil over the sea, polluting thousands of miles of the galician coast. Yesterday, spanish politicians decided no one is responsable for this.

I've been listening to truly moving and touching stories of how they lived that disaster. All nature was distroyed, sick. The fisherman, and neighbours, one by one, went into the waters to try and save any life they could. You can read about these news on the BBC here.
(sea pictures taken on Sunday's sunrise)
I couldn't help to share tears listening to those broken voices... all the images we've seen, all the people alone with a destroyed nature, animals and efforts with no government help... Spain is already alone and broken. 

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  1. Oh Cris, that's so sad. I didn't know about that disaster. It sounds so terrible. So many people and animals that suffered from this :(

    1. it really is very sad, and and no one has taken responsibility for this... the images you can find if you look for Prestige Spain, are terrible! so I was listening to the radio and i had to write a small post to remember it!