Thursday, 3 July 2014

Inspira | 2014

F E S T I V A L   I N S P I R A   2 0 1 4
siurana de prades, tarragona, catalunya

I think, I don't have the words to describe this amazing experience. 
The magical souls I've met. 
A place where I've opened my wings, and people heard their sound opening and becoming, breaking some fears... 

So much passion, love, creation, magic, wisdom, and happiness. 

I owe this to Álvaro Sanz and Mónica Bedmar. They invited me to be part of their huge celebration, of pure life!

I leave here some of the pictures I took... I wasn't really for capturing with the camera this time, but with my soul, enjoying every part of it, without hiding or capturing time, just, flowing...

first night of wonderful speeches with Ibai Acebedo and Paula Bonet and magical concert by 
6 a.m. to watch the sun rise from inside...
Speechless artist Maria Coma, preparing the best of the scenarios for an amazing early sun rise concert.

a pleasure meeting this musician, with such an Inspiring speech!!!!
interesting speeches in the afternoon, and a capture of my feet, in our room in the bungalow preparing mine!

the morning rising with this concert I've no words to describe. 

and our magic ended in the waters of Paradise... 

* THANK YOU to everyone who went to this Festival. 
To each of the ones who shared their wisdom, their heart, some words, a stare, a laugh,
thank you for opening my wings...

WONDERFUL artists came too and here are their names, please, look for them, 
they're SO special...

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  1. Your photos capture the feeling of this festival so beautifully Cris! What a wonderful experience! I adore these beautiful photos! And you xxxx

  2. Me ha encantado el post y las fotos, sobre todo las de mi niña..Gracias por capturar ese momento! Besos y me encanto haberte escuchado. Besos

    1. no había visto este comment!!! muchísimas gracias! a vosotras por escuchar y cederme los minutos! fue muy emocionante para mí, estuve por la experiencia con la cámara bastante escondida! :) pero tu peque inspiraba con ese paisaje! un beso!!

  3. qué bonito ver las diferentes crónicas por la red! gracias!