Monday, 26 May 2014

cross of changes

We came out from the deep
To learn to love, to learn how to live
We came out from the deep
To avoid the mistakes we made

That's why we are here

Let's believe, that there's something inside us, that in a very peculiar way, makes us go through certain paths of our life.

I'm finding myself in a very rare moment now. I feel as if I've met someone that was hiding inside, still, is afraid of letting itself go, but I can feel its' energy growing inside. I feel old, and at the same time, I feel as young as ever... like if I skipped a chapter of my life, that now is coming back to me, so I can carry on with my path... I spend time looking inside, in the most organic way, trying to reach something that looks like the real me, and I think I can reach it through my heart, through my own strength.

Like a snake gets rid of its' skin when it gets old and doesn't shine anymore and another precious one is growing beneath it. It has to detach of her antique skin scratching itself through branches, rocks and painful earth hands... we're animals too, so, why not, we have to go through pain to reach our true ego... I really have no idea, I'm just trying to enjoy this kind of opening wings, of detaching some fears... I'll fly as high as I can, until I can stand again on my feet...
It is time to break the chains of life
If you follow you will see what's beyond reality
Enigma Beyond Invisible

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Monday, 5 May 2014

dreams becoming

between smiles and tears there is a place I found. One day I decided I must fix this old place, it was all falling a part, just a bit like I am... these last weeks I've been trying to repair, to clean, to restore the beauty it had inside, though everyone has told me I'm crazy. Since this little process began, I've started to feel a bit better inside me. This place, this abandoned hidden place, is in some way being a healing place for me, so I've decided my dreams to become real. It's lost in the middle of nature, it has everything I need, and now that Summer is arriving, I will feel warm inside, so, close to this time it will become my home for a while. I'm really excited, it's a huge challenge for me, maybe I fail, but at least, I'll have made a decision, so, here are my plans, exciting, really exciting and also a bit scary! 

No internet except my smartphone, no tv, just I'll pay attention to what surrounds me... this is still a project, but I'm really willing to make it true. I will be happy to have photoshoots and keep on working!  so please contact me and it will be really lovely to photoshoot you around this place. Also friends and visits I'd be happy to have : )

Now there's no electricity, no water, but I'm hopping to fix it too... yes,it must sound crazy, but I want to follow this instinct I've felt, as nuts as it may sound!

(the picture above it's not from the cottage but also from the mountains)

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