Monday, 8 July 2013


* (sorry about the low quality image)
sometimes I wonder about my publications. I wonder if they really reach somebody, or maybe, they just remain here like a silent diary, I really wouldn't care if it was this way, I think about it some years away and it will be quite fun and also lovely to remember some moments of life... 
(of course, here I only post a small part of my life...)  
I don't know why do I have this feeling or even need of posting, I guess I feel inspired by people I follow; they update some pieces of their life, and it's a small attempt of walking a similar path... I also feel as if it's a part of this moment in my life, I like to share and meet wonderful people around the world... it's an extension of my neighborhood, of my city...

I wish maybe a word, an image, reaches some soul sometime!

We'll see where this path leads me to...

thank you so very much, to everyone who stops by, who enjoys maybe an image, shares a feeling, I'm really grateful for that! <3

good night ya'll!

bona nit!

*(sorry about my english, I try my best! :) )


  1. I love looking at all of your photos. I never get a chance to comment much because of my busyness, but now I will make sure to leave anote. Your work is very wonderful.

    1. thank you so very much for this comment! it means a lot! so happy you stay around here!
      lots of love xx