Wednesday, 31 July 2013

lately in this July

mi recuerdo eran imágenes,
en el instante, de ti:
esa expresión y un matiz
de los ojos, algo suave
en la inflexión de la voz,
y tus bostezos furtivos
de lebrel que ha maldormido
la noche en mi habitación
Jaime Gil de Biedma

* one of my favorite poets Jaime Gil de Biedma if you wish to read him... 
Is there anything more amazing than having a night swim in the sea? So grown up and still never had a night swim in the black sea, under the dark night and the sparkling stars... felt so wild, so human, so connected... that even life became overwhelming. I'm in love with Summer, though is always kind of intense...

Our garden has become energizing, it's full of beautiful and colorful everyday gifts. They are SO delicious, I can't put down in words. Each time I cut a tomato into slices, I can't help eating some pieces while it melts between my fingers... nature amazes me every day.

We've been also spending time with friends, with newborns, before Summer holidays take place in the middle of some new job I'm starting...

Just wanted to make a small post before Summer takes place and I try to make a small break from internet connections and routines, as much as I can. Wishing really hard for new things to come, we'll see what the Autumn brings us this year... for now, I'll let go into Summer vibes as much as I can...

Had my very first wedding shooting! so happy and it was so exciting! we spent all day shooting under the charming and strong sun, to a beautiful sweet couple. I was under a very talented teacher and also friend Xavi Palomera ! to whom I'm really grateful for letting me in to this adventure. A full, blue moon ended the party while we were driving back with our cameras full of images to review.

I wish you a really good Summer to ya'll!

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  1. I have always dreamed of swimming in the sea at night. I grew up in Florida near the gulf where it was possible. Here in Washington though, the Pacific is not really for swimming, more for looking at in awe and sometimes fear. I love the stories your images tell.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my post! and so many thanks for your comment! It really made me so happy!

      All seas have special stories to tell... they carry so much energy with them!

      thank you for stopping by! :)