Friday, 15 August 2014

some rainy lines

you think you're becoming someone different, you feel you're reaching your truly self,  I was feeling wild, free, flying away off my long cold winter, warming my soul under the sun, meeting happiness in other people eyes, but today, I realized, I'm still the same. My fears are still living in my inside, my doubts, my permanent sadness, and it's not the first time it happens to me, so, I've decided I want to change this. I'm afraid today it's not the day to start, but I will, I don't want to loose what I've reached, that beautiful part, is also part of me...

as a song that I'm listening just now sings, please set me free, but that's me that must set myself free from fears and take better care of myself, and of the ones that are around me... and as a new friend told me the other day, I must fall in love with myself...

I'll keep on trying... and keep on flowing with life, and dreaming... never stop dreaming
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  1. Always so happy to see you beautiful photos!! Your water photos are something extraordinary! Something magic about the water!!! I hope you find your wild and free feeling again soon beauty xxxxxxxxx