Sunday, 3 May 2015

embraced and awake

'and you wake up, while the butterflies weave'
a precious book I got signed by both wonderful writer and illustrator, Nina Da Lua and Joana Santamans.

I started the book outside in the porch, while the sun was hiding, and we were embraced by a late quiet evening... slow birds were preparing for a long sleep, and as I never, I confess, never read, I took this special moment for me. a gift. 

it's a book so filled with love, life knolewdge, a story of true living so beautifully created... check it out here 

before I noticed, I ended the book, movement came,  getting all set up for leaving headed to the mountains while the night was falling down.

next morning, the sun refused to come out, so I wandered through the different paths. Spring had managed to dye the landscape with intense greens and colorful flowers popping out. My wild cabin stood still, like no time had passed. It never changes, and that gives me the feeling, that no time goes by when you're inside... 
I've really noticed some things changing inside me... I've realized I've grown up, my body has changed this last year, I'm feeling older... it's taking me a while to accept I'm not in that young flesh anymore, but now, I feel it's ok, I can feel some kind of gratitude in it... these days I've appreciated something I have been away from... true nature, in spirit, in presence, with my whole honest soul. Slowing down, I've reached my true soul.

Next day, the sun was so bright, the sky so blue, the trees so handsome and splendid... I took the dogs for a walk around the messy paths full of wild scratchy bushes, and we got close to the small river... a path full of huge nettles almost makes us turn back, but we went through that rough way, and a wild small spot guide us through that hidden paradise... the dogs jumped into the water, the birds sang so loud, the trees danced nonstop with a warm breeze... and I got my feet bare and walked along the river. Icy water made my feet hurt for a bit, but then... I couldn't feel happier and beloved by nature. And I found myself, my old and young self, in that small hidden corner of the world, reconnecting with every piece of what surrounded me. I've reached my soul, I've given her some missing caring and love. So very little and so very much, it takes to heal...
(I only took a basket with some flowers I cut, a pair of scissors and my phone... so the pictures are not faithful to the beauty I saw...)
some trees looked like butterflies patterns...
look up, always look up at what covers our heads and plays shadows on our shoulders...
I got to say goodbye to the paradise so thankful, and hoping, I can keep this feeling for a while, I'm back, I'm less lost, I found a piece of me, sleeping in the frozen waters, I think, it's awaking now...

 © all righst reserved

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