Monday, 6 July 2015


a few days ago, I twisted hardly my ankle on my way to work. it made me realize,I'm grown up now, when something like that happens,  you have to manage pain and anxiety in your own, and get yourself into a hospital, in the less dramatic way you can! I guess I'm still a child inside, because sometime in the middle of the rush, I wanted to cry so badly, but I handled it and I kept myself all together, I'm a grownup now... so, you can't loose it! It maybe look ridiculous, but when you put yourself into a vulnerable position, that's what happens, unpredictable emotions pour out of your heart and body, a shaking body.

So I'm spending lots of time laying down, still, with some pain and really slowly healing... so I must run away to some place magic to feel that, somehow, slow healing may be a good thing... as long as it's healing..

I couldn't wait for the bandage to stay in my foot for a week... so I took it out... my foot was all bruised, in purples and yellows, all swollen and injured. It's funny how it scared me a bit, I'm not used to be injured this way,  I think I can only remember I once injured this way when I was a kid at school playground...

I'm happy I'm feeling all this love for a sudden... no inspiration, no creativity, just carving into my heart. Maybe new things come up from this phase... I'm at home, feeling all the walls that hold it. My baby dogs are side by side with me, they've slowed down their runs so they can walk beside me through the rooms. I have my big baby taking good care of me, I can't feel more grateful.

I took my bandage and I swam through the water, I'm in it... I'm into a phase, becoming Summer, it kind of scares me, good things have always freaked me out, but, this is how life works right? lets enjoy the ride, we don't know how much it will stay this way...

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  1. The most unnerving kind of pain is the one that suddenly sneaks up on your everyday routine. It’s too bad that you got your ankle twisted like that. I think you should take your time to rest, so that your ankle can heal and be put through therapy. Take care!

    Ramona Walters @ OMNI Clinic

    1. oh, thank you so very much! you're really right, I'm taking care of this foot... sloooowly healing... cheers!!

  2. Twisting an ankle is perhaps one of the simplest but most painful things to happen to you. And it's really annoying to happen at the worst possible time, too! I once twisted mine while I was in a party, and instead of enjoying the night like I'm supposed to, I was forced to confine myself into a couch. Anyways, take care of yourself real good next time. Cheers!

    Natasha Shelton @ CCOE